Soundguy found safe and warm; return expected for Local Cover Band tour finale

By Max Fontaine | Hard-news beat reporter

Guy Soundguy, longtime audio expert and knob-turner for Local Cover Band, Bass Lake’s most enduring cover band, was reportedly found safe Thursday in mid-Florida.

According to Bass Lake Police Authority, Soundguy had hitchhiked his way down South “just for the rest of the winter,” but failed to notify his band’s brethren and sistren of that intention.

The news was confirmed by Florida authorities.

Soundguy’s status as “missing” was coincidentally linked to an incident last month, back in February, when Local Cover Band reported its van had been stolen,  even though it turns out that didn’t actually happen at all.

In the aftermath of that situation, BLPA had been “keeping an eye on the situation” for no less than the past four days, according to Chief Tug McNabb, in hopes that Soundguy wasn’t in peril. Fortunately, McNabb said, Soundguy was not in peril.

“We are glad and relieved that Mr. Soundguy is OK,” McNabb said, “for everyone’s sake, including both mine and his.”

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Drum-playing materials misplaced amid “Van-ishmentGate,” as it was becoming nicknamed locally, remain absent, although the group’s percussionist has since found other beat-upons to use while the band continues its 3-county tour, which concludes in April where it began early this year, at Funky’s On The Bayou.

Soundguy is expected to return for the final gig of the tour, provided someone gives him a ride.

“I’ll get up there somehow, even if I have to bum a ride,” Soundguy said during a text-interview with the Beacon, using an iPhone he borrowed from a newfound Floridian buddy who can’t help him return home because his van was recently stolen.

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